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I’m sitting in a chair waiting for you. I play with handcuffs in my hands. You’re five minutes late. I can’t believe you changed your mind. Suddenly I finally hear footsteps on the stairs. You stop in front of the Czech Hypno door for a second. You catch your breath, you know that when you open the door, you can hardly find your way back. You have the idea to turn around. Give it up, go down the stairs quickly and disappear into the thickening night darkness. At the same time, you are excited about the CzechHypno, the unknown. After a few seconds, the desire for fear prevails, and you carefully open the door. You look around the room. I have several rolled-up clotheslines ready on the back of the chair. On the table next to me lie several Czech Hypno boxes of various sizes of a strikingly elongated shape. The room still has a wardrobe and a large bed with an iron headboard. A large mirror hangs on the wall between the bed and the closet. Our gazes suddenly clash. My gaze is full of fire, you feel that the heat must melt you every second, and you CzechHypno scatter like the wax of candles that illuminate this room. You lower your eyes. I’ll run you from top to bottom with a look that shouldn’t undress you under any circumstances. On the contrary, I enjoy wearing a dress for a while. You dressed exactly the way I wanted you to. Shorter skirts and a tight-fitting Czech Hypno T-shirt, plus your beautiful loose hair.

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