Voodooed – Matty Mila – The Influencer

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Matty Mila – Matty Mila The Influencer

Starring: Matty Mila
Scene: Matty Mila The Influencer
Channel: Voodooed
Released: June 11, 2024

You grin to yourself as you pull out the voodoo doll, feeling a twinge of arousal at the thought of controlling Matty Mila. Her attention is entirely focused on the live video she's making, oblivious to your presence or the power you now hold over her. You gently poke the doll, causing her to flinch and let out a moan.nnHer perky tits jiggle enticingly beneath her tank top, and you decide it's time for her to reveal more. You manipulate the doll, forcing her arms up above her head, and then undo the strings that hold the tank top together. It falls to the floor, revealing her full, round breasts to the camera.nnHer nipples are hard and pebbled, begging for attention. You reach out and pinch them between your fingers, causing her to arch her back and gasp. Her breasts bounce enticingly as she moves, and you can't help but wonder what they would feel like pressed against your chest.nnNext, you make her reach down and begin rubbing her bare pussy through her panties. She whimpers and tosses her head back, her long hair falling over her shoulders. Her hand moves faster and faster, and you can see her breath coming in ragged gasps. You're tempted to make her take off her panties, but you want her to keep up this little performance for as long as possible.nnAs she continues to pleasure herself, your own arousal grows. You wonder if she's ever had an orgasm this powerful before, and whether she'll be able to hold out for as long as you want her to. Your voodoo control over her seems to be working perfectly, and you can't help but marvel at the power you have over her.nnFinally, you decide it's time to bring her to the ultimate climax. You squeeze the doll, feeling her body tense and shudder as she orgasms. Her hips buck wildly and she lets out a long, moaning cry that echoes through the room. Her whole body is wracked with pleasure, and for a moment, she seems to forget about the camera and her millions of new followers.nnWhen the wave of pleasure finally subsides, you release your grip on the doll. See it first on FatPass.com

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